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Basic tools set


Mataro doll original, basic tool set for Kimekomi doll(wood grain doll) production!
This is a set with the original wood spatula of the Mataro doll, kanbaiko-glue, Paulownia powder, and sandpaper.
The wood spatula is used to put the cloth into the body of the doll.
Kanbaiko-glue is a glue used to bond the costume and body by adding water.
Paulownia powder is the raw material for toso, which is needed to repair damaged parts of the body.
Sandpaper is used to smooth out the irregularities on the surface of the body.

We have made a great deal of basic tools necessary for making kimekomi dolls. The name of "Mataro" is engraved on the wood spatula.

Contents of the Basic tools set:
Kanbaiko-glue, 2 pieces of sand paper, a kimekomi spatula

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