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Doll makers of Mataro

Kanabayashi Mataro the Second

The Mataro Doll Company is proud to introduce the unmatchable skill of the only genuine heir to the Kimekomi Doll-making technique, Kanabayashi Mataro the Second.

Kanabayashi Mataro the Second
Kanabayashi Mataro the Second is
Mataro Doll
qualified as traditional craftsman and of Edo Kimekomi doll, and also won a
Medal with Blue Ribbon
medal with Blue Ribbon
Mataro Doll

Kanabayashi Mataro the Second biography
The master learned the original technique from his father, Mataro the First, but has since improved on it by studying statuary with Shu-zaburo Yasuda and design under Masahiro Sawada. This elevates the Kimekomi art to new heights.

1932 Kanabayashi Mataro the Second was born in Tokyo. Learn doll-making from his father Kanabayashi Mataro the first from his childhood.
1955 Graduated Keio University. Started publishing original Kimekomi dolls While he was in University.
1969 CEO of Mataro Bingo Co., Ltd
1972 Assumed the name of Kanabayashi Mataro the Second. President of Mataro Doll Craft Academy
1978 Certified as a traditional craftsman of Japan by the Minister of International Trade and Industry
1986 President of the Council of the Tokyo Hina dolls Wholesalers' Association
1988 Chair of Shadanhojin Nihonningyou Kyoukai(Japanese Dolls' Association)
1998 Awarded a medal (Ran Ju Houshou) from the Government
Kanabayashi Mataro the Second has won many traditional Japanese dolls competitions heretofore.
Present CEO of Mataro Ningyo Co., Ltd
President of Mataro Doll Craft Academy
Honorary advisor of Shadanhoujin Nihonningyou Kyoukai(Japanese Dolls' Association)

The basic shape of every doll is carefully hand-molded by Mataro himself and the dolls are entirely hand-made; our artisans are pictured below.
The colors and designs of the carefully-made costumes are modeled on the fashions of the Heian period.
The Mataro Doll Company will continue to maintain its commitment to making beautiful and authentic dolls.

Mataro Doll Artisans

Mataro Doll
Certificate of Kamigamo Shrine

Kamigamo Shrine is in Kyoto city and designated as a nationally important cultural property of Japan. Making kimekomi doll has started at this shrine 260 year ago. Kanabayashi Mataro the Second is the only genuine heir certified by the Kamigamo Shrine.

Mataro Doll Artisans

The doll makers of Mataro bring out their experienced skill toward every doll they make. Please read the profiles of the artisans.

Koichi Nishino Koichi Nishino
Doll making history: more than 60years
Nishino has been a Kimekomi doll artisan since before WW2. He is a dedicated artisan. He choose a life making Mataro dolls under the influence of his uncle, who was a Mataro doll painter. Because of his deep experience, he is able to make everything; from dolls to accessories. He is mainly involved in the Sujibori step of the doll-making process.

Mori Kato Mori Kato
Doll making history: more than 30 years
A bashful painter who has been making Mataro dolls for 30 years, has been known to say "It doesn't matter how many years I've been doing it, I'm still not good enough." He both designs and paints the patterns on the dolls' clothing, including delicate finishing in gold foil.

Shinya Yamamoto Shinya Yamamoto
Doll making history: more than 20 years
He came to work at Mataro Dolls after quitting his job in the business world, saying, "I want to make things with my hands!" A "Mataro Doll" employee for 20 years, he makes the molds for the dolls.

Noriko Mitani Noriko Mitani
Doll making history: 12years
Designing and coordinating the dolls' costumes, she has worked at Mataro for 12 years. Her speciality is knowledge about Japanese textile. She decides costume and cuts out textile for each doll. Her costume is a complex of tradition and modern.

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