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Geisha - Traditional dolls

Geisha - Traditional dolls

Geisha is called Geiko in Kyoto. Maiko is a word for Geiko trainees.
Geishas or Geikos are women who offer hospitality with music and dance at a party. Geishas started to appear during the Edo period. Geishas live with their teachers from childhood and learn how to sing and dance.

Clothing of Maiko
Obi (belt) is trailed down to the feet. Shoes are thicker than usual. Those are devices to make Maiko beautiful.


Traditional dolls Geisha・Maiko

Traditional dolls Geisha・Ryu-ei no tsuya
Ryu-ei no tsuya

Traditional dolls Geisha・Tsudumi

Traditional dolls Geisha・Tsudumi

Traditional dolls Geisha・Thread boll
Thread boll

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