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Height 21cm

This is a doll of a girl dressed up and about to go out. Japanese women used to value their long hair. The hair length of this doll is the distinctive style of little girls or nuns. Isn't her hair pretty? This doll has fewer grooves for Kimekomi, so it is recommended to beginners.

Odekake Set List of items

Contents of the kit Contents of the kit
Contents of the Odekake doll kit:
1. The body of the doll
2. The head of the doll
3. Clothing
4. The display stand
5. Sawdust
6. Glue in tube

The tools that you'll need to make:
1. Thin glove
2. A wet cloth or napkin to wipe off the glue of spatula, after each use of the spatula.
3. A pair of scissors -small scissors with sharp blades is the most effective.
4. A small dish for the glue.
5. Sand paper
6. Hair brush for the doll's hair (or a hard toothbrush)
7. Chisel


Height 13cm

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